As we are in stay still mode, the world seems to be standing idle. As we listen to the latest updates on COVID19 and which communities are experiencing the heaviest impact we wonder if life will ever get back to normal. Businesses change hours, procedures, and their everyday way of operations. Families find that their children are now home for the summer and are wondering what happens to those lost school hours. We scurry to the grocery stores hoping to get a gallon of milk, some eggs, hand sanitizers, soap, and the all essential toilet paper, hoping that these items are back in stock. We cough or sneeze from allergies and pray we aren’t getting sick. The world has gone into a panic because of the pandemic, and rightly so, it’s a frightening time in the world today. With God’s help we will all make it through this, hopefully as more thoughtful, and compassionate people.

At Helping Hands, we were saddened to have temporarily closed the store to foot traffic. We are striving to meet the needs of the community by keeping the food pantry open. The hours are Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 10AM – 3PM. We ask that new clients make appointments by calling 2-1-1. An e-mail will be sent to our pantry within 24 hours from 2-1-1. When you come for your food it is a drive-up service only. Please come to the back dock and ring the bell, and wait to be checked in. You will then be asked to return to your vehicle and a box of food brought out to you. Only staff is allowed in the building at this time. You may also call the pantry at (269) 445-8104 during these hours, staff will gladly answer your questions.

We look forward to being able to re-open the store when Governor Whittmer lifts the “Stay Home-Stay Safe” executive orders so we may again enjoy your fellowship and being of greater service to our Cass County community.


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